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Meet Kirsten

Hi, welcome to RxFitness!

My name is Kirsten.  I am a Wife, Mom, Doctorate-prepared Nurse Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and 200-hour yogi who is passionate about health and fitness.  I was a competitive gymnast my entire life when I opted to forgo collegiate gymnastics and pursue a nursing degree.  I was no longer working out 24 hours a week and have been teaching myself fitness ever since.

I started my career in medicine as a Neonatal ICU Nurse at a Children's Hospital for 5 years. 

I have experience as a Nurse Practitioner in the ER, Urgent Care and Inpatient Pulmonology.  

Becoming a Mom has been a transforming experience both mentally and physically and has made me personally reflect on becoming the best version of myself for my family. I have used my medical background and years of fitness to help me and other Moms gets back into shape after having kids.  All without ever stepping foot in a gym!

I am combining my medical knowledge and fitness experience to help other Moms lose weight and sustain those results through my comprehensive online program.


I mentor and empower women to become the best version of themselves and help finally achieve their fitness goals.

Reach out if you are interested in completing a consultation to talk about your goals and to see if you'd be a good fit for my program!

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